Fables #125-129 “Snow White”

What is this, a fairy tale blog?

While writing about fairy tales and comic books may damage my street cred, in the world of geekdom you don’t get much cooler than Fables, a DC comic published under their “Mature Audiences” imprint Vertigo. Fables is mostly “Mature” because the different characters talk and act like normal people, unlike their Disney counterparts. They swear, they have sex and they kill; these are not stories for little Johnny before bedtime.

Slight spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the entire series to date.

Anyways, the latest arch in the book is titled “Snow White,” and we see the title character put into a precarious situation after her husband Bigby Wolf (Big B Wolf – Big Bad Wolf) takes off to find their missing children. Snow’s old flame Prince Brandish has returned and has taken her prisoner in a tower of the Fabletown Castle. Exciting! Well, it does get exciting once Bigby finds out and comes back to tear up Brandish, in full wolf form, of course. Brandish is smug and talented enough to be one of the best adversaries the Fables community and stories have seen since, well, The Adversary.

The entire arc has brought back the magic (so to speak) of the series that was present before the end of the war with the Empire earlier in the series.

It’s a great read as the entire series has been overall. Get past the fact that you’re reading about Snow White and Beauty & The Beast because it’s really great writing and excellent storytelling. The art is usually only complimentary but in a great way.