Resident Evil 5

After Resident Evil 4, nothing much else compared in the world of video games for me. The Uncharted series was amazing, but RE4 had everything I liked in a game: action, puzzles, intriguing storyline, great controls (Wii version), and suspense.

After finally getting a PS3, I’ve begun playing Resident Evil 5. First of all, the controls: I was spoiled by the fantastic motion controls in the Wii version of RE4. It made moving and aiming very easy and fun. I’ve played through RE4 HD on the PS3, but without motion controls it’s an entirely different experience. RE5 Gold Edition has support for the Playstation Move, Sony’s version of the Wiimote. So after acquiring that setup via Ebay, I was ready to dive into the game.

The motion controls are slightly similar, but off just enough from the Wii version to be frustrating. The run butotn is above where it was on the Wii, you have to hold the trigger to aim your weapon, and Playstation’s ridiculous symbol system for button labels is confusing in mid-play (for someone who has owned only Nintendo systems his whole life.) The motion controls are better than trying to aim with the gamepad, but they are cumbersome.

The game itself is also a departure from the genius of RE4. There’s much less mystery and intrigue, and much more action and melee. Hordes of zombified Africans storm at your player at once in each setting, so there is no strategy other than shoot-dodge-pick up ammo. Gone are the villages and castles, to be replaced by marshlands, oil fields and deserts. The bosses are fun but the overall feel of the game is more shoot-em-up and alien invasion than survival horror.

I am only about halfway through now so I’ll update when I’m finished, but I had hoped for more from this sequel. However, the true letdown was with Resident Evil 6, which took a huge leap in the wrong direction as far as action, controls and storyline. If I ever can play through more than 10 minutes of it without getting completely frustrated, I’ll review that as well.