Man of Steel (2013)

Overall I’d have to say this is a disappointment, but mostly because of the significance of Superman as a character and as an icon in popular culture. A Superman movie needs to do what the character itself does to people: inspire and awe. This didn’t really do either of those things, in the way that it should have anyways.

First of all, the writing was way too corny and unrealistic. David Goyer and Christopher Nolan (gets a pass) were on writing duties and even their Batman scripts were too corny at times and took themselves way to seriously. The dialogue is just unrealistic and unnatural.

The story is strange in that it seems to move at a decent pace but also way too quickly at the same time. It jumps around in time a lot, which is ok but it seems to add more fluff to a story that doesn’t really have much happen.

What I did like was Henry Cavill; he was a great Superman. He had the perfect build, jawline and mannerisms that Superman should have. His Clark kent impression was laughable, but that is the classic running joke about Superman (look, it’s Superman with glasses on!) The costumes were good, the action sequences — while super fast and blurry most times — were amazingly filmed and breathtakingly epic. The CGI was flawless and very believable.

I didn’t like how this was just another standalone Superman film, however. Marvel has set the standard for making it’s individual superhero films (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor) part of a larger universe, and bringing them together in an epic movie that is the 3rd highest grossing of all time (Avengers.) Justice League is coming in the next 2 years, and this movie did nothing to create a universe for that (ie. hint at supporting characters, make us anticipate more heroes in the world or a larger villain presence.)

Overall the movie was entertaining in spots but wasn’t the epic launch that the DC universe deserves.